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Planning, developing and shipping software can be fun, efficient and a hell of a ride.

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Are you tired of lengthy planning meetings with limited outcome?

Is your team spending too much time developing features that are no longer relevant when ready for customers?

Are your Trello Boards giving your team the transparency you hoped they would?

Does that sound all too familiar?


About Me

Hi, I’m Manfred, the founder of UpstartIT. For the past 10+ years, I’ve created server software, web and mobile apps and managed projects in B2B and B2C companies. I had the chance to work with renowned companies supporting them in streamlining their processes and making the development pipelines more transparent and predictable.

I empowered startups by guiding them towards a controlled rollout and implementation of agile principles and enabling them in setting up a project management that actually helps them grow and deliver fast and with confidence.

I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and bringing tailored services to your organization. Let me help and support you in moving forward and achieving your key business goals!

How I work

Sometimes a theory, a framework or a good recommendation is simply not enough – leading by example, becoming part of a team, guidance and teaching is needed. This is why I strongly believe in the right mix of gathering observations, creating actionable insights and adding a hands-on mentality as the formula for success for any team. Transparent processes and actions along the journey are key components for how I operate. You can book me on the base of hourly rates, to make sure you the best service tailored to your needs let‘s get in touch and discuss packages matching your actual needs and business goals.

Certified Scrum Master & Product Owner
Swift & Swift-UI
(Mobile) App Development
iOS, macOS, Cloud Solutions
Python, PostgreSQL, GraphQL
Backend Development


Product Consultancy

  • Assessment of your development pipeline
  • Short, Medium and Long-Term recommendations to bring your product management to the next level
  • Strategic guidance on change management
  • Framework adoptions to meet your organization‘s goals
  • Backlog management
  • User story creation workshops
  • Feature scoping & planning
  • Trainings to ensure key values are reflected in your work output.
  • Project Risk Assessment
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Continuous Integration Setup
  • Frontend- / Backend Solutions
  • App Development

Prototyping & Development

First Aid

  • Rescue Stuck Projects
  • Security Reviews
  • Reduce Code Complexity
  • Collaborative Code Reviews to Improve Code Quality


vrisch multimediaproduction GmbH
Light for the World
FunnelFox Inc.
Objective Development
Skischule Hochrindl

Manfred was exactly the right choice for our project: Thanks to his proactive approach and high level of expertise we were able to achieve a successful result!

David Fabikan

David Fabikan

Social Media Strategist – Light for the World

Manfred’s vast knowledge proved itself to us in so many ways. He assessed our immediate needs, listened to our problems, and worked on them quickly. And he did all this with patience and a smile on his face. He’s an incredible person to work with, both as a professional and a human being.

Gabriella Chihan Stanley

Gabriella Chihan Stanley

Co-Founder – vrisch

During his time with us Manfred has built a strong and deserved reputation as someone with vision, diligence and a keen sense for emerging trends in our area of expertise. Manfred fulfilled all tasks to our utmost satisfaction.

Johannes Tiefenbrunner

Johannes Tiefenbrunner

Managing Director – Objective Development